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Dance your way through the decay

DecayDance; where music pumps through your veins
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Created by heartdown___

This community has been made to share our thoughts on DecayDance and it's affiliates. DecayDance is Pete Wentz's (Fall Out Boy's bassist - like you didn't know) music label.

1). All talk is welcome if related to DecayDance or any of the bands under the label.

2). All members of this lovely community are allowed to post graphics they've made to share with other members.

3). Any posts that are off topic and pointless will just be deleted.

4). Please don't come here and talk shit about Pete Wentz, the bands, or people that belong to the community. It's disrespectful, period. So if you think it's cool to come here and bash about someone, well you're just going to be removed.

5). Well that's all for now kiddos, keep living the fantasy.

Gym Class Heroes
Gym Class Heroes @ Purevolume
Panic! At The Disco
Panic! @ Purevolume
October Fall
October Fall @ Purevolume
The Hush Sound
The Hush Sound @ Purevolume